Words of the Shaman

Conversations with Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio

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The S
haman Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio answers the questions of one of his students – Mayu Tuntíak – by describing the hidden nature of reality, proposing images rich in meaning, evocative expressions, and myths. Spirits, Power, the Great Dream, and the Other Reality - these are not empirical concepts that can be explained succinctly as we are used to, but the evocative language used by the shaman allows us to be freed from these shackles and become receptive to the deepest meaning of existence.

Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio

Shaman and healer

Recognized Uwishín (Shuar shaman and curandero), lived with the Shuar (Jíbaro) in the Amazon jungle. He was a pupil of the great Uwishín Vicente Júa for many years and is the only one to whom the centuries-old shaman bestowed all his powers upon before rejoining his ancestors. [ Read more ]

Mayu Tuntíak

Author and Healer

Student of Tsunki since 2007, lives in Amsterdam – the Netherlands. Since the beginning of his shamanic studies, he has followed Tsunki’s drum circles and traveled to remote tropical forests, including the Shuar territory in the Amazon, in order to encounter the Power of the Jungle. In 2015, he became a curandero of the Amazonian Shuar tradition.